Juin Charnell

Working hard and smart

The goal is to have “Quiet Riot” finished by the end of the month and uploaded to Amazon Kindle for April 1, 2012. I like the irony of it not being an April Fool’s joke. But in all seriousness, the idea that one must write every day in order to produce is not synonymous with writing every day and producing good work. I write sporadically, but am writing three books at once. Does that mean my energy is split and the end results are bad. I hope not. Actually, I think not.
I write like I read. And I usually read multiple books at one time because my interest wans as I read and my interest level fluctuates between what I want to read for entertainment purposes and for knowledge sake.
So work hard by making your writing time count for what you want it to count for. If page counts are important to you and you are comfortable with maximization on certain days as opposed to all seven in a week, then work the model that works for you. You can’t be prolific if you are chasing someone else’s idea of what works for all writers.
Just my two cents for the day.

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