Who is Perri Stone?

You want to know who I am.
I’m the woman who kicks ass in the prison when I have to. I know he’s your loved one, but inside he’s got to act a whole ‘nother way. He can’t be seen as a punk or he’s gonna be turned into someone’s bitch. You want your Man when he comes out, then don’t sweat the stuff he does inside to survive.
Unfortunately, I’m the one that won’t allow it.
That’s right, I’m the one trying to make sure your sweet, daddy, doesn’t hurt someone else. I’m searching his cell for contraband. I’m making sure that pencil he’s using to write you letters, won’t get jabbed in someone else’s jugular later. I’m keeping him safe and you safe outside.
That’s right, the thankless part of my job is if he escapes and gets out before the system says it’s okay, I’m gonna hunt his ass done
shoot it.
Yeah. So now you know a little about me. I’ll tell you more later.

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