What I’m working with for my 30 day challenge

Okay, I have to say upfront; even I don’t know where I’m going with these yet. But, my ideas are these:

  1. A mother kills herself and her children using LSD before they jump off the roof of her apartment. (yes, this seems morbid but we’ll see where it goes)
  2. Convicted murderer astral projects to a new planet to have her baby. (okay, magic, science fiction(ish), not sure yet)
  3. A couple of trapped co-workers fight over giant sunflower beds. (I don’t know, it popped in my head, so I’m going with it)
  4. Drunken service men on a reality show vie for the quiet room. (this is the only one that seems sane)
  5. A hung-over teenager manipulates the weather to escape job responsibilities. (magic for sure and yes teens do get drunk, stop kidding yourself)
  6. Perri and Cassidy’s first meeting involving a boat cruise. (character from series)
  7. Perri and Kim’s first encounter in a frat house. (character from series)
  8. A pregnant woman gives her doctor a prescription in patients. (sounds too timid but my mind is racing on how I can flip this)
  9. A teenager girl discovers a magical purse. (I looked at my bulletin board and this jumped out at me)
  10. An abuser suddenly finds him/herself on a deserted island with a machete and fire. (pretty clueless about where this will go)

So there you have it. My 10…may they all survive the 30 days,  because I don’t have any idea where these are going to take me.

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