Using Twitter

I have been using Twitter to grow my following. The guru’s suggest adding so many followers a day. Which basically means, you add 50 people and maybe those 50 will follow you. So as you add these people daily, and give out great content, you build a following and become recognized as a leader and social media expert (eventually).

Now I don’t recommend trolling Twitter like an idiot but follow people who have a genuine interest in what you want to say. And whose information you are interested in reading. I like business minded people, readers, writers, parents, True Blood (the show) amongst other things so when I search for people who are interested in those same things as me, I don’t feel like I would be wasting their time if I add comments and they like what I tweet.

You can use Twitter and build a massive following by just following every recommendation that’s on your page but do you really want to possible Spam people like that. Just a thought.

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