Unintentional Actions

Sometimes we act in ways that cause a really negative action and we wonder, about three weeks later, where the fall out is coming from.
In fiction, this is the good stuff that makes a story rock. You’re thinking, what the hell are you talking about, but go with me here. Say you start your story and your character has unprotected sex with a stranger and 3 weeks later starts having a burning, itching sensation. It either came from the random shag or something else is up, (I don’t know, it’s your character) but  it opens the door for all kinds of conflict in your story. Because your character either already has a partner – which is going to piss them off (std, anyone). Or the slag finds out who you are and comes knocking on your door because she missed her friendly visitor. So, all this is to say, unintentional actions sometimes have consequences that you don’t foresee but can rock the hell out of your story with some beefy conflict.

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