Torn between two tales

I’m in the middle of working on a couple of stories. One is a longer series, which was going to feature the longer work, The Coven, but I’ve reworked a lot of it and it will be a shorter, serial release of about 10k to 15k words each, released monthly. That was challenge number one. And this is still being worked out in my head and on paper because I have to rewrite a lot of the 50k words already written. I am deciding if I will use all four elements as the chapter focuses and having all the initiates training at the same time or if I want one element to be the focus per short story.

The other work in progress is The Compound which in my mind is a cross between the movie “The Island” and “Logan’s Run”. The only similarities being at a certain age people are moved out of the compound and isolation is a key component. I have struggled with both stories because I wanted them to be earth bound and in the future but I haven’t decided if it will be a Utopian or dystopian society.

I think it’s a Utopian society if you aren’t aware that your happiness is manufactured and a dystopian one once you are conscious. And I have to decide who and when do others come to this realization.

Both stories, series or novelette, are about finding out where our individuality ends and our roles as part of a group begins (and fails us). I’m working on trust and honor and love of family, love of self and love of friends.

I can’t wait to get these out to you.

Happy writing.

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