Tool to help the distractions

It’s so easy to become distracted as a writer. If you have a regiment you stick to, it’s a lot harder to let those pesky distracted bother you to the point that you don’t get your pages in. The dishes can wait an hour, the kids can watch a little television or a lot, turn off the internet and write longhand so that you aren’t tempted to check email, Facebook, Twitter. We all do, me too. But I am trying to become the writer who doesn’t put everything else first and then go to bed tired and never having written that day because I just didn’t get to it.
SelfControl I like this product that someone else mentioned and I put it on my net book. So that when I want to write, I can’t log on to all the distracting sites for the time limit I set. If I don’t have the self-control not to peek, this program stops me. And no, I am not an affiliate or anything else associated with this program. I just like it as a tool.

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