Tiny but growing daily

As a writer who is going the indie route, it is easy to feel lost and under appreciated when you look at the sales reports on your book sales. But you have to look at it another way. For every person that has decided to purchase your book, they might tell another reader friend about it and yes, slowly though it may go, you build a following. But the bonus is those are people who didn’t know you, weren’t friends who were doing you a favor by purchasing your book, but honest to goodness other people who decided to take a chance on a writer whose last name wasn’t King, Patterson, etc. And every time someone new buys your book, they have validated your option to put words on the page as a storyteller. It would be nice to see reviews from every person who reads your books but realistically, look at it this way, if the millions of readers for say “King” put a review up on Amazon, it would blow out the server. So take a small bit of pride in the reviews you do receive, good and bad, and keep writing because you are tiny (today) but growing daily. Peace

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