We are now into 2014. New goals, resolutions, expectations. Or maybe some of the same as last year and the year before that. Procrastination, regret, wasting time. You get to decide how and what you want to accomplish this year.

I’m a big procrastinator. I admit it. But I also know that by saying that and doing nothing to change it, I can’t sit back and say things aren’t going my way when I am doing nothing to change it. Sound familiar.

So I will admit what my goals and aspirations are here. I’ll log it every Saturday to hold myself accountable. Now I will admit I will be on vacation from the 15th to the 29th so they may come in a little fuzzy if I’m having Corona’s poolside. But I will not let procrastination get in the way of completion. Because we all know procrastination is just an excuse to watch television, read magazines, play Candy Crush or whatever your excuse of choice is.  You might discover that writing isn’t something you want to do any longer. You only want to “talk” about it. And that’s okay if you are honest with yourself about why you aren’t writing. But, if you are like me and writing truly is something you are passionate about and once you start it feels like the world you want to live in than let’s make 2014 a year where dreams do come true. I don’t want to procrastinate any longer.

Next week I’ll write a run down of my goals and WIPs and how I plan to achieve them this year. I’m not always a 10 minute at a time writer, nor am I a write every day writer but I am going to be. Since I seem to find time to watch re-runs of Charmed or Supernatural or Fringe or any number of movies that I own, I need to find the time to place my writing first. My day job won’t suffer if I give me and my muse a chance to connect first. But my writing will suffer if I don’t.

Don’t just continue to see the world through words, create the world you want to see through words.

I can't wait to connect with you