Stop trying to write novels

I think I have figured out the source of my procrastination. I write novellas and am trying too hard to force the story into the novel format. Yes, that’s my issue and I am resolving it.

I have read several novellas and blog post lately on how effective this form is for some writers and how much satisfaction they get since it allows them to write the stories they want but also more of them. I have struggled with 3 stories for the last 3 years, re-writing, trying to figure out how to add more conflict (which felt false and forced), not wanting to write the ending because it came in at page 150 to 170 and that didn’t feel long enough. I am done beating myself up and you should too. Some of us are better suited with novellas, flash fiction, novels, scriptwriting, all of them or some of them and we need to write the stories that the story dictates.

When you have friends, family or whoever read your final draft before you publish it (if you are self-publishing), ask them, was the storytelling complete? Was the ending satisfactory? Other than holes that you should plug anyway, don’t try to stretch the story into something it isn’t and your productivity, your skill as a writer and possible your bank account will increase. It really does feel that way to me.

Happy writing.

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