Safe Never Starts—How I took a chance on my dream

Holly Lisle has limited registration on her writing-career-survival course, HOW TO THINK SIDEWAYS. The course will only be taking new students until Thursday, March 5th, at 11:59PM ET. After that, no new students will be able to join for a year.
I had been writing for years and it wasn’t until I took this course that I was able to get my first novel completed.  I joined How To Think Sideways in 2012 because I wanted to finish the story that had been with me since 1986.
The course wasn’t what I expected. I thought I’d just learn how to set goals to complete my novel.

Instead, I learned how to set goals I could actually keep, I learned that even when it makes no sense, the process actually works and I learned that Holly’s method is just one way to write and it works for me.

I’m an affiliate because this course helped me in ways I didn’t expect, such as not overbuilding a world, as well as delivering that fact that I could reuse the course over and over again for future novels.

It will be worth your time. But if you don’t agree, Holly has a GREAT money-back guarantee—you are not risking anything by taking the course.

Go take a look. You’ll be glad you did.

But hurry. If you miss this, it’s a long wait until next time.

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