meeting goal

Today’s goal was to continue working on the character sheets for the people in the novel. Some things I know and some things are changing. I also discovered a mid-novel twist – that I was trying to figure out how to have it fit with everything else going on – and it logically came together for me. So, be methodical in your process but keep the channels open for the story to unfold in ways you might not have imagined.

book on iTunes

I’m back. I haven’t written in a while. I will try to post here on a more regular basis especially since the book is selling and people may want to connect. I am in the process of outlining for “Quiet Riot”. That will be finished by the end of this month. I want to have the final draft ready for proofing and editing by end of January. And no, I don’t write a book in a month. I have bits and pieces of this novel on scraps of paper and in my head so the writing should (I hope) go smoothly. On the other hand, “Near Salem” is 3/4 finished but I have set it aside so that I can get the next Perri Stone book completed.

Using Twitter

I have been using Twitter to grow my following. The guru’s suggest adding so many followers a day. Which basically means, you add 50 people and maybe those 50 will follow you. So as you add these people daily, and give out great content, you build a following and become recognized as a leader and social media expert (eventually).

Now I don’t recommend trolling Twitter like an idiot but follow people who have a genuine interest in what you want to say. And whose information you are interested in reading. I like business minded people, readers, writers, parents, True Blood (the show) amongst other things so when I search for people who are interested in those same things as me, I don’t feel like I would be wasting their time if I add comments and they like what I tweet.

You can use Twitter and build a massive following by just following every recommendation that’s on your page but do you really want to possible Spam people like that. Just a thought.

What type of Articles should you write?

Until you get a handle for the expert level of articles you want to be known for, start out with shorter, 200-300 word snippets that focus on one idea then encapsulate it into a bigger article once you have enough snippets to make a whole.

For example, if I wanted to provide an eBook on writing features and benefits, I might start with these small snippets, using a car as my example:

· Brakes
· Tires
· Air bags
· Gasoline
· Seat belts
· Color
· Body type

· Anti-locking brakes prevent you from skidding into a tree as you try to swerve from hitting a dog in the road.
· Quality tires will grip the road in the snow easier than balding tires.
· Air bags in multiple locations of your vehicle will ensure your safety in an accident.
· Premium gasoline will keep your engine running smoothly.
· Seat belts that lock on impact preventing death.
· Certain color cars are more apt to be in accidents due to blindness and inattentive drivers not noticing them.
· The body type will help you in that collision with a semi, do you want to be in a putt-putt car or a 4×4?

This is just a quick way to brainstorm the features and benefits when you are breaking down your product for a client. But take it a step further. Every one of the features, by themselves are worthy of 200 to 300 words. Because you will expand on my simple, quick off the top of my head thoughts. You will have manufacturers to recommend, prices you can quote, websites you can direct people to. And before you know it, you have an article. This piece is 300 words.