Minor distraction over

Well, it’s time for me to get back to the novel. I enjoyed writing the flash fiction pieces and I hope you do too but I can’t let that sidetrack me any longer.

Which is easy to say since I procrastinate.  When I had to write to put some food on the table, I didn’t believe in writer’s block. I put out what was required and kept it moving. I understand that some writers experience a block as opposed to just sitting down and writing out the next beat or next scene or next chapter. And the psychological barriers can get stronger the longer you are away from the task at hand.

But mine is different, I don’t need to feed my family anymore with the words I produce. That doesn’t make it easier it just means I find myself more distracted with games and movies and television. Yet the truth (and I told Lynn this the other day) is that every time I finally finish a piece of writing I feel satisfied in my heart, happy that I completed a goal I set for myself.

I am continuing to strive to be the best storyteller I can be, because I would be a fool to declare I’m done learning, and it’s a wonderful feeling for me each and every time I write “the end” that I know how much I enjoy writing.

So I’m sorry if you like what I write and then have to wait a long time between published pieces. I am working on staying focused. I hear Prozac is good for that. Seriously I realize I need to finish the next one before I get distracted by a story idea that I find equally exciting. Even now I’m juggling 3 different stories and just need to finish one.

I hope you don’t let your distractions stop you from completing the goals you have set for yourself. I recently discovered a program called Rescue Time and when you see your productivity or lack thereof it’s definitely enough to get me back on track.

As always, continue to view the world through words.

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