How do you sustain and build at the same time?

I just read a wonderful post Where Do Indie’s Find New Readers?. And I have wondered the same thing. On twitter and other social networks were other writers are asking each other to promote and support their endeavors, what happens when they aren’t returning the favor? I have purchased lots of ebooks lately, some in genres I like, and some because I have tweeted with the person and thought okay “I’ll give their book a try” but my own numbers aren’t changing when I check them. So what that is saying to me is – they are potentially downloading a copy and because it isn’t in their comfort zone for books they like, they aren’t purchasing a complete copy. I asked my partner is I should offer the ebook version for .99 to build a readership. But why discount, when there are others who have purchased the ebook and/or paperback at the asking price. It’s like remaindering your book before you’ve had a chance to build anything. What a conundrum.
What are others experiencing?

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