How 2015 was an incredible year

It’s that time of year. Resolutions are being written to usher in 2016 and resolutions are being forgiven for their incompletion in 2015. I don’t write resolutions anymore.  I write goals. This year, I hit some, came close to others, excelled in a few but overall, it was one of the best years of my life.

In no particular order, here are the ways 2015 rocked for me:

  • Courtside tickets to the MN Lynx championship game in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • 2 rows off courtside to the MN Lynx championship game in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Visited Savannah, Georgia for the first time (lovely place).
  • Promoted to Manager (okay, officially it was 12/15/14) but I never got to put it in a blog post, so there.
  • Only 2 years left on my student loan debt (yeah, you don’t want to know how much).
  • Treated my wife to a birthday trip to Cancun.
  • Have 3 works in progress. (I know, lame, should be finished).

Have a wonderful, productive 2016.


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