This is just me

If you are a writer, like me, you hope that everyone who picks up your books, who spends their money to purchase your books, who borrows your books from a friend, will like your books. But the reality is not everyone will. And I’m okay with that.

So let’s get honest here. I write like I talk, with a lot of expletives. That means the characters I write are usually peppering their conversation with a s**t  or  d**n or even stronger language. Does that mean I don’t have a good grasp of the English language, no. It just means I like to cuss. It gets my point across sometimes better than if I “politically correct” myself.

I write about prisons because I worked in them for ten years. Does that make me an expert on inmate behavior, not really. But it does mean that I have watched human interactions in which someone else (guards) controlled another persons (inmates) interactions when they didn’t necessarily want them controlled. It means I saw some crazy activity between people when they might have acted differently if the space between them had a little more breathing room and less confinement. I have seen people raped. I have seen people stabbed. I have seen heart attacks. I also saw kindness. Just because a person gets locked up doesn’t mean they aren’t still human. But I also saw some animals.

I actually stopped working in Corrections because the last prison I worked at started to bore me. Yep, working in a prison can be monotonous and boring.

I write about magic. I write to imagine how things could be, should be, isn’t, might be. I write stories that feature lesbians, heterosexuals, and maybe some children. I try my damnest to write without grammatical errors, but they will get through. I write to entertain and I write because I also love to read.

So if you ever buy my books, or if you have ever bought my books, I hope you know what you are in for and I hope you enjoy the ride.