Embracing a new point of view

For those of you who have read my past post, you know that I am a procrastinator. The problem with that is I have dreams and I set goals but have a slow process of following through. This is a huge impediment to achieving my life plan which is to retire from my day job before I’m too old to enjoy the rest of my life.

So I’ve made a contract with myself to follow up on completing the novels I want to write that are in various stages of completion. My two-year goal is to write and publish six novels.

I know this seems like a lot for a procrastinator such as myself but I have to adjust my point of view if anything is going to change.

  1. Put on paper the novels I want to complete and publish.
  2. It has to be on paper so that I can visualize what it is I want to do.
  3. Blog about it. So it makes me accountability in a place that isn’t just on my office wall.
  4. Biggest one of all. Actually write every day.

Step 4 is the hardest because I allow excuses of all sorts to interrupt my writing time. Like right now, I have to re-watch all the seasons of “Supernatural”, I know what happened and do I really need to watch 8 seasons every weekend rather than work toward my goals. Something is wrong with that picture. I have to also be honest with myself and ask myself is writing something I still want to do? Of course it is.

When I am in the moments that I take, I enjoy every bit of it. I enjoy finding the right word to make the description pop or when I can visualize a scene and actually write it right. I write as a reader and I like dialogue so I have to force myself to put a little more description in my stories. But it’s those touches that make a story more believable and real to readers. So I’m pushing myself out my comfort zone and as always the goal is to write the best story I can at the time I am writing them.

So stay tuned as I move this target forward.

3 Replies to “Embracing a new point of view”

  1. Looking for some “goodreads”, I stumbled across “Inside Out”. Your writing is intriguing and suspenseful. A real page turner tha I couldn’t put down. I’ve now enjoyed the first two installments of the Perri Stone series, I’m anxiously awaiting number three in the series! Would liked to have read a little more about Perri & Antoinette’s relationship once they finally got together (if they are together or still friends??) they had only one very small intimate encounter after Cassidy’s shenanigans.
    Anyway, just to send blessings and a little encouragement toward your writing, minus the procrastination ;). I know how life seems to get in the way of a lot of self pleasures! Remember, we’re all we got, carve out some real time for you. We only have TODAY, as we don’t know what tomorrow will bring! May you find the needed push within this post!!

  2. Hi Juin, saw your post in the forum for the How to Write a Series class and that I’d pop on by and see about this writer. It is hard not to go check out this or that when you’re supposed to be writing. Sometimes I think this class may be a way I procrastinate because I really have a lot of revising to do if I want to meet my goals this year. Plus, I have a couple writer’s groups with critiques I must do. I hope to be there to urge you on to finish your goals. Mary E. Merrell

  3. Thanks Mary. I’m looking forward to the expansion course because it will hold me accountable. I have decided that my writing is more important than the distractions that I allow to interrupt my writing time. I can’t let someone else control my destiny (ie. day job) any longer. So here’s to each of us taking control and not just talking about following our dreams but taking action to fulfill them as well.

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