Don’t be so serious

One of the things I have noticed with the writers who are publishing in e-formats is the speed in which they get the work out. Now maybe they had several manuscripts gathering dust in a drawer. Blew it off, did a rewrite and put the gem out there for the rest of us to read. Some of the big sellers in this game are also writing stories that people want to read. Pure escapism. I get that.
Think about it. If your job sucks, or your bills are kicking your butt, or your home life is less than wonderful, it’s nice to indulge in some pure entertaining fun. And that’s what some of the big sellers are doing. So for me, I plan on not sweating the long, winded outlining that takes soooo much time away from just putting the story on paper. And just get it done.
That’s my goal. I have outlines for 2 books. One is the next in the Perri Stone series. So instead of wasting more time, trying to get every speck outlined before I can write, I will start writing. Believe me, I have outlined to death. And Near Salem, which isn’t trying to capitalize on the YA market but telling a story I have always wondered about since I was about 18. What if the Salem Witch Trials never happened? What if witchcraft was allowed to flourish in its natural state? Where would we be now. So of course this has to happen in a parallel universe. But that’s the joy of writing. I can put it anywhere I want.
So I will keep my book at .99 cents, because I want you to read it.

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