5 stories completed

I’m making serious headway with my flash fiction stories. I have five of them completed so far. I don’t like the ending on any of them…yet. I am glad I have the rest of the month to work them to the best state I can possible put them in, along with trying to work on the other five.

I want to put ten together. But I’m not punishing myself if I don’t.

How has your work been going? Are you working or just thinking about it and putting words on paper later?

I have noticed by taking this break to write these stories, I have a renewed outlook on where my story “The Coven” is going. There are a lot of scenes that need more detail and not non-essential details but real layers that enhance the experience for readers.

So as always, continue to see the world through words.

Story 1

Deep Sigh.

Shoulders slumped.

What the hell was I thinking – a mother who kills her kids and herself – as if there aren’t enough tragic real stories in the news. Flash fiction has been the hardest things I’ve ever tried to write. Get in, get out, but make an impact and make the story in 500 words or less, meaningful. That’s a huge task.

So I’ve started this story and the mom and children are on the roof having a make believe picnic with oatmeal and hot dogs. She has four children, she’s at the end of her rope. Did she intentionally think suicide and murder, I don’t know yet.  Will she go through with it, I don’t know yet. I know it’s hot, maybe the hottest day in months, and the heat in her apartment is what created the additional stress to her over burdened life and going up to the roof was a way to have fun. No air conditioner in her apartment, no fan or maybe a fan with only one blade working. I don’t know, I’m making this up as I type. The children are 5, 4, 3, 2 not too old that they know what is going on.

Okay, this is all pretty dismal so I want to switch it up. Oh, just now, I found a way to turn it around. I can’t tell you because that would ruin the surprise. But think about what you know about me and what I blog about. So it will be something supernatural. Can’t help it. It’s where my mind naturally goes. So I hope my brainstorming on the computer helps you to just track and go with your story. Don’t over think it.

Continue to see the world through words.


What I’m working with for my 30 day challenge

Okay, I have to say upfront; even I don’t know where I’m going with these yet. But, my ideas are these:

  1. A mother kills herself and her children using LSD before they jump off the roof of her apartment. (yes, this seems morbid but we’ll see where it goes)
  2. Convicted murderer astral projects to a new planet to have her baby. (okay, magic, science fiction(ish), not sure yet)
  3. A couple of trapped co-workers fight over giant sunflower beds. (I don’t know, it popped in my head, so I’m going with it)
  4. Drunken service men on a reality show vie for the quiet room. (this is the only one that seems sane)
  5. A hung-over teenager manipulates the weather to escape job responsibilities. (magic for sure and yes teens do get drunk, stop kidding yourself)
  6. Perri and Cassidy’s first meeting involving a boat cruise. (character from series)
  7. Perri and Kim’s first encounter in a frat house. (character from series)
  8. A pregnant woman gives her doctor a prescription in patients. (sounds too timid but my mind is racing on how I can flip this)
  9. A teenager girl discovers a magical purse. (I looked at my bulletin board and this jumped out at me)
  10. An abuser suddenly finds him/herself on a deserted island with a machete and fire. (pretty clueless about where this will go)

So there you have it. My 10…may they all survive the 30 days,  because I don’t have any idea where these are going to take me.

Continue seeing the world through words.


30 day Halloween Challenge

Let’s kick October off with a 30 day challenge.

Why should you do this 30 day challenge? First response, why not!

Why not give yourself permission to write and potentially have a salable product at the end of 30 days. Why not figure out how much fun this could be. I’m using a flash fiction course that I tried this summer to work on mine but I want you to work on whatever short stories you want to populate your product with that can be ready in 30 days. Maybe you write three 2500 words to have a 7500 word novelette (something or other). This is just for fun since Halloween is my favorite holiday.

1st week: Start writing or formulating your ideas for ten 500 words flash fiction stories.

2nd week: Type up those stories (if you are a hand-writer like me) and see where you can make them POP.

3rd week: Share with a trusted writing partner or someone who can see the flaws and that you will listen to.

4th week: Finish revisions, make or purchase an eye-catching cover and prepare for day 31.

Halloween day – 31st day.  And if you are super lucky, publish it on Amazon (why not, they’re good flash fiction and you can earn a little cash).

So there we have it – the challenge. Share your output or drawbacks. I’d love to hear from you, I’ll do the same.


Flash fiction

In the next couple of weeks, I will be adding some flash fiction that focuses on Perri Stone. When I wrote that first novel, “Inside Out” almost 10 years ago, it had nothing at all to do with any relationship I was in. I wanted to write a story featuring a woman working in a prison.  The bonus for me is that she is a lesbian. I used the prison setting since I had worked in them for so many years and hadn’t seen any stories from that point of view. I really enjoyed writing “Quiet Riot” and actually felt like I couldn’t get it on paper fast enough.

I have read reviews from people who thought because I didn’t use Cassidy too much in “Quiet Riot” that I somehow left her on the way side. But she left the relationship. And she comes back in “After Shock”.  And she wasn’t needed fully in the time frame that “Quiet Riot” took place in. That was a fast week.

But the flash fiction stories I want to put up here in the next couple of weeks will actually delve into the back story about Perri, Cassidy, and even Kim, who was a girlfriend of Perri’s while Kim was in college.

Perri Stone was the first character that I wrote that chose not to be anybody’s victim. She doesn’t apologize for who she is and where she sees herself in the world. So, I’m not finished with her yet, or rather she’s not finished telling me her story to share with you.