904 – in 3 months 81000 words

One of the biggest challenges a writer faces besides Writer’s Block is not thinking they have put enough words on paper to be worth anything. So rather than put too little, they put nothing and talk about all the writing they want to do. 

I decided that each day, I will WRITE. Who cares if it’s 250 or 2500 words, the point is to get them on paper. Not just random musings but the pieces of the story you are trying to write. If you have your outline or are writing by the seat of your pants, it doesn’t matter if you don’t actually write something. Because the first draft is just that, a DRAFT. 
I am a research to death kind of person and can waste a lot of time doing all this extraneous “waste but not quite waste” stuff than actual writing. So my goal is to put this info on line to pace myself and to see if I can do it (barring not being lazy, I can) and to show you that you can too.
Happy writing.
PS. Maybe I’ll put a running total on here – in a couple of weeks. 

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