900 before bath time

I’m not a linear writer.

So as I go to my outline and I’m using Scrivener software, I can go to any part of the book I’m working on and write if that’s the scene in my head at the time I sit down to write.

Like any writing tool, it’s only as good as you allow it to be. And I have to thank Holly Lisle for mentioning it on one of her post because it’s AWESOME.

I love the cork board feature. Seriously, I have every beat that I want on a note card – a few hundred – so even if you are stuck in the beginning or in the middle of your story, you get to move around in the story to your hearts content. And as a non-linear writer it offers you the best chance to use your creative juices the way you want without you feeling like you have to write a certain one based on what may work for someone else and not you.

This number might be revised after my bath.


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