700 words – not quite maximum

Every day whether you feel like it or not.

It’s interesting because I actually thought I would write more tonight. But I guess the influence of the day is carrying over into my creative brain. I didn’t quite hit the number I wanted for daily word counts but I am happy I did write something.

See, I could beat myself up. But what would be the point in that. I’ll tell you. If I decided that the lessor number wasn’t good enough, my “bad” editor/writer in me would jump all on the “see you can’t do it” bandwagon. But I made that icky monster go silent because I just went right away and wrote.

To all my fellow writers out there, keep doing what you do.

Seriously, I might need to start getting up early, when the ‘tween of night and day, when the dreams of characters are still fresh and alive in my mind, and write then. I’ll let you know.

For now, late night writing.


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