30 day Halloween Challenge

Let’s kick October off with a 30 day challenge.

Why should you do this 30 day challenge? First response, why not!

Why not give yourself permission to write and potentially have a salable product at the end of 30 days. Why not figure out how much fun this could be. I’m using a flash fiction course that I tried this summer to work on mine but I want you to work on whatever short stories you want to populate your product with that can be ready in 30 days. Maybe you write three 2500 words to have a 7500 word novelette (something or other). This is just for fun since Halloween is my favorite holiday.

1st week: Start writing or formulating your ideas for ten 500 words flash fiction stories.

2nd week: Type up those stories (if you are a hand-writer like me) and see where you can make them POP.

3rd week: Share with a trusted writing partner or someone who can see the flaws and that you will listen to.

4th week: Finish revisions, make or purchase an eye-catching cover and prepare for day 31.

Halloween day – 31st day.  And if you are super lucky, publish it on Amazon (why not, they’re good flash fiction and you can earn a little cash).

So there we have it – the challenge. Share your output or drawbacks. I’d love to hear from you, I’ll do the same.


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