2700 – combo from yesterday and today

Never made it to this computer yesterday. Wrote in the Netbook and just was in a tear so I didn’t go online to update. Everything is moving forward like it should. I hope it is for you as well.

Since I’m aiming for a March 31th deadline for the 1st draft to be completed and then April 30th for publication on Kindle. That’s, of course, provided that the editor and book designer finish up also.

I’m also doing kind of double duty.

I’m working on two different books at once, the 3rd in a series and the 1st in a series. So it actually makes it easier for me to work because I can focus on two different story lines and if one isn’t working for me, I move to the other project. But always with the intention to write daily and have about 80-90K finished by end of March on both books.


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