Finding and defining your ‘tribe’

Every time I hear about or see someone talking about their ‘tribe’, I wonder what that is supposed to mean. I am trying to figure out, what does my ‘tribe’ mean or want from me. I’m a writer. So does that mean my ‘tribe’ wants me to produce books, stories or some form of writing on a more productive basis? Does my ‘tribe’ know that I will always advocate for women’s rights but I’ll try not to write in a preachy way? As a writer, my main goal is to write entertaining stories. I’m not a judge or jury to what works or doesn’t work for other people.

There are random folks (total generalization here) who want everyone to be in their tribe. I don’t. I don’t want everybody to like me. Because I don’t believe that. Truth be told, I don’t like everybody either.

I curse. A lot. So I don’t want people in my tribe that get mad because I use profanity. Profanity doesn’t diminish what I’m saying, and in some instances, I don’t want to use the smartest word when a really good f-bomb works so much better. The folks in my tribe understand that if they read my work, there will be some cussing involved.

My tribe.

People that think about other people and want to help and support them. People that care about children. People that allow people to live their own lives. People that realize that unless that adult came from your womb, they have a mother and daddy or somebody that has already raised them. They might ask for your opinion but my people know that their opinion and experience won’t necessarily help that person. Because their worldview has been shaped by different experiences. People get to make their mistakes. My tribe speaks their own truth. And you don’t have to like it. But you listen and understand, it’s not yours.

My tribe knows respect. I’d like to know if you are part of my tribe? If not, what does your tribe look like? Do you know and do you care? I am still defining my tribe and figuring out who wants to be a part of it. As a writer, the goal is to reach an audience. Entertain and give the reader something they can enjoy. Today and tomorrow, I will continue to figure out who my ‘tribe’ is and invite you to think about who you want to keep in yours.