Women loving women series

I’m starting a new series of shorts, running between 7000 and 15000 words. I’m intrigued by the idea of women who come to love other women late in life. Women who don’t necessarily define themselves by a societal label of lesbian, bisexual or gay; these women come to love and cherish a relationship with maybe only one other woman in their entire lives; but it happens after a divorce, after the death of their spouse, after an abusive relationship, while in prison, after they’ve lead solitary lives and enjoyed being single, after an array of life choices. It’s a different journey for them all; with the culmination being that they fall in love with a woman. Do all of these stories have a happy ending? Maybe, maybe not. Will all the women find happiness after they fall in love? Maybe, maybe not.  Will they have a longer relationship with a man after they have fallen in love with a woman? Maybe, maybe not. The common denominator will be that they are changed by this love.

This is something new for me as a writer because I don’t believe in fairy tales or happier ever after. And I think it’s the perfect story for me to tell because I do believe that love, true love for another person, comes after you’ve been with them through the fire and moved beyond dewy eyes into reality. If you come away from all that and are still together, that’s true love.

The first four stories will be “Annabella’s Awakening” “Brenda’s Breakdown” “Cressida’s Coming Out” and “Devon’s Divorce”.  My goal is to have each story come out roughly monthly, starting in December 2014. I might make it since Devon’s and Annabella’s story are finished. I like the idea of starting alphabetically so that I can keep the “WLW” straight (no pun intended).

I look forward to taking this journey of discovery with you.