Embracing a new point of view

For those of you who have read my past post, you know that I am a procrastinator. The problem with that is I have dreams and I set goals but have a slow process of following through. This is a huge impediment to achieving my life plan which is to retire from my day job before I’m too old to enjoy the rest of my life.

So I’ve made a contract with myself to follow up on completing the novels I want to write that are in various stages of completion. My two-year goal is to write and publish six novels.

I know this seems like a lot for a procrastinator such as myself but I have to adjust my point of view if anything is going to change.

  1. Put on paper the novels I want to complete and publish.
  2. It has to be on paper so that I can visualize what it is I want to do.
  3. Blog about it. So it makes me accountability in a place that isn’t just on my office wall.
  4. Biggest one of all. Actually write every day.

Step 4 is the hardest because I allow excuses of all sorts to interrupt my writing time. Like right now, I have to re-watch all the seasons of “Supernatural”, I know what happened and do I really need to watch 8 seasons every weekend rather than work toward my goals. Something is wrong with that picture. I have to also be honest with myself and ask myself is writing something I still want to do? Of course it is.

When I am in the moments that I take, I enjoy every bit of it. I enjoy finding the right word to make the description pop or when I can visualize a scene and actually write it right. I write as a reader and I like dialogue so I have to force myself to put a little more description in my stories. But it’s those touches that make a story more believable and real to readers. So I’m pushing myself out my comfort zone and as always the goal is to write the best story I can at the time I am writing them.

So stay tuned as I move this target forward.