Hitting goals

Today was a busy one. Did you hit your mark? Since my real goal is getting this blog up and running I didn’t devote as much time to writing as I’d hoped. But, it’s not a waste if you did something.

Continue seeing the world through words.

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This is just me

If you are a writer, like me, you hope that everyone who picks up your books, who spends their money to purchase your books, who borrows your books from a friend, will like your books. But the reality is not everyone will. And I’m okay with that.

So let’s get honest here. I write like I talk, with a lot of expletives. That means the characters I write are usually peppering their conversation with a s**t  or  d**n or even stronger language. Does that mean I don’t have a good grasp of the English language, no. It just means I like to cuss. It gets my point across sometimes better than if I “politically correct” myself.

I write about prisons because I worked in them for ten years. Does that make me an expert on inmate behavior, not really. But it does mean that I have watched human interactions in which someone else (guards) controlled another persons (inmates) interactions when they didn’t necessarily want them controlled. It means I saw some crazy activity between people when they might have acted differently if the space between them had a little more breathing room and less confinement. I have seen people raped. I have seen people stabbed. I have seen heart attacks. I also saw kindness. Just because a person gets locked up doesn’t mean they aren’t still human. But I also saw some animals.

I actually stopped working in Corrections because the last prison I worked at started to bore me. Yep, working in a prison can be monotonous and boring.

I write about magic. I write to imagine how things could be, should be, isn’t, might be. I write stories that feature lesbians, heterosexuals, and maybe some children. I try my damnest to write without grammatical errors, but they will get through. I write to entertain and I write because I also love to read.

So if you ever buy my books, or if you have ever bought my books, I hope you know what you are in for and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Flash fiction

In the next couple of weeks, I will be adding some flash fiction that focuses on Perri Stone. When I wrote that first novel, “Inside Out” almost 10 years ago, it had nothing at all to do with any relationship I was in. I wanted to write a story featuring a woman working in a prison.  The bonus for me is that she is a lesbian. I used the prison setting since I had worked in them for so many years and hadn’t seen any stories from that point of view. I really enjoyed writing “Quiet Riot” and actually felt like I couldn’t get it on paper fast enough.

I have read reviews from people who thought because I didn’t use Cassidy too much in “Quiet Riot” that I somehow left her on the way side. But she left the relationship. And she comes back in “After Shock”.  And she wasn’t needed fully in the time frame that “Quiet Riot” took place in. That was a fast week.

But the flash fiction stories I want to put up here in the next couple of weeks will actually delve into the back story about Perri, Cassidy, and even Kim, who was a girlfriend of Perri’s while Kim was in college.

Perri Stone was the first character that I wrote that chose not to be anybody’s victim. She doesn’t apologize for who she is and where she sees herself in the world. So, I’m not finished with her yet, or rather she’s not finished telling me her story to share with you.

Challenges of a writer

I wanted to have the third book in the Perri Stone series ready for release on April 30, 2013. But so many things are going on.

In my day job, my promotion to Supervisor, took (and takes) a lot of my mental capacity on a day to day basis. And I have to force myself (which is not conducive to good writing)  to take time for my creative time. On the other hand, I know that without my creative self being able to write, my mental state will break down considerably because I need to write (just like I need to breath).

I don’t want to seem overly gushy or whatever, but I am taking time to write what I think is the best story I can write at the time I write it.

My fictional Kansas City is just that Fiction. My prison, Dexter County Correctional Facility, is just that, Fiction. I have taken the good and the bad from my ten years in Corrections to try and write entertaining stories. I get that everyone won’t like what I write. I am okay with that. I am always trying to create the best story I can and if you have read any of my stories, you may or may not know that.

I have been writing for over thirty years. I am always trying to improve my craft. I used to write to feed my children. And actually I’m really sorry that I don’t have all the Penthouse Letters I wrote all those years ago because they also helped to make me the writer I am today.

So, if you are a fan or supporter and are wondering what is taking me so long to complete book three, understand that I don’t want to put out a rushed job. I want to put out, it bears repeating, “the best story I am capable of writing” at the time I write it.