Working on Anthology pieces

I have been waylaid by 2 pieces for Anthologies being published by a couple of folks.

So one is an essay of 1000 words and the other one is 4000 words. So those have kept me occupied from my regularly scheduled writing.

Tight deadlines. Due date February 14 and March 31. So you see I have a lot to work with and towards.


Mad at myself

This has been an incredible stress filled week at my day job. I took over supervision of a program that someone else was over seeing. And it made for no energy at night other than the sweet relief of sleep.

But I’m mad at myself because I can’t allow that to interfere with my creative time which is my own. So now, I’m stressed on my word count for this week…sucks, sucks, sucks.

Okay, I’m over it. And I won’t beat myself up and over do tomorrow to make up for the week. I am about 3600 words behind. Tomorrow I will focus (it’s my day off) and write what I will and not fret about the lost words to paper because every night I have visualized the scenes I want to write. So I’m hoping the actual words to paper will be easy tomorrow.



hope it went better for you all.

1285 words

I’m on a roll.

If I pace myself correctly, I’ll have 30k words more or less by month end. That is completely on track with around 90k at the end of March.

I wish I could take a 2 week vacation to just sit and write but the reality of eating and having a nice warm apartment prevent that from happening yet.

And who am I fooling. Even when I do have the luxury of a two-week vacation, in Cancun no less, which was in December, I spent a lot of time (whispering – not writing) but I was researching.

Next month I will contact the person who completed my last book cover and let him know what this story is about to see what concepts he can come up with. I want something sharp, not blurred this time around.

And now I’m rambling.

Happy writing folks

983 words

I have to stop waiting until late at night to post my numbers. But when I write at night, when it’s quiet, this is when the numbers will get put in.

So tonight’s words came easy but I’m not totally pleased with what I wrote. But the beauty of first drafts are that we are allowed to suck. And hopefully have enough parts that are pleasing so that in the next draft, you don’t totally throw everything away.

Which won’t happen. But my mind is also on an anthology that I’ve been asked to submit to. 4000 to 6000 words due by February 14, 2013. Really tight deadline. But I need to decide what I want to write for it because I’m pleased to be asked.

Okay, tired now.

Happy writing.

2700 – combo from yesterday and today

Never made it to this computer yesterday. Wrote in the Netbook and just was in a tear so I didn’t go online to update. Everything is moving forward like it should. I hope it is for you as well.

Since I’m aiming for a March 31th deadline for the 1st draft to be completed and then April 30th for publication on Kindle. That’s, of course, provided that the editor and book designer finish up also.

I’m also doing kind of double duty.

I’m working on two different books at once, the 3rd in a series and the 1st in a series. So it actually makes it easier for me to work because I can focus on two different story lines and if one isn’t working for me, I move to the other project. But always with the intention to write daily and have about 80-90K finished by end of March on both books.