Who is Perri Stone?

You want to know who I am.
I’m the woman who kicks ass in the prison when I have to. I know he’s your loved one, but inside he’s got to act a whole ‘nother way. He can’t be seen as a punk or he’s gonna be turned into someone’s bitch. You want your Man when he comes out, then don’t sweat the stuff he does inside to survive.
Unfortunately, I’m the one that won’t allow it.
That’s right, I’m the one trying to make sure your sweet, daddy, doesn’t hurt someone else. I’m searching his cell for contraband. I’m making sure that pencil he’s using to write you letters, won’t get jabbed in someone else’s jugular later. I’m keeping him safe and you safe outside.
That’s right, the thankless part of my job is if he escapes and gets out before the system says it’s okay, I’m gonna hunt his ass done
shoot it.
Yeah. So now you know a little about me. I’ll tell you more later.

Don’t be so serious

One of the things I have noticed with the writers who are publishing in e-formats is the speed in which they get the work out. Now maybe they had several manuscripts gathering dust in a drawer. Blew it off, did a rewrite and put the gem out there for the rest of us to read. Some of the big sellers in this game are also writing stories that people want to read. Pure escapism. I get that.
Think about it. If your job sucks, or your bills are kicking your butt, or your home life is less than wonderful, it’s nice to indulge in some pure entertaining fun. And that’s what some of the big sellers are doing. So for me, I plan on not sweating the long, winded outlining that takes soooo much time away from just putting the story on paper. And just get it done.
That’s my goal. I have outlines for 2 books. One is the next in the Perri Stone series. So instead of wasting more time, trying to get every speck outlined before I can write, I will start writing. Believe me, I have outlined to death. And Near Salem, which isn’t trying to capitalize on the YA market but telling a story I have always wondered about since I was about 18. What if the Salem Witch Trials never happened? What if witchcraft was allowed to flourish in its natural state? Where would we be now. So of course this has to happen in a parallel universe. But that’s the joy of writing. I can put it anywhere I want.
So I will keep my book at .99 cents, because I want you to read it.

The Awakening by Lisa M. Lilly

I’m still reading this book so I can’t do a full review of what I think. I find the concept intriguing. A female Messiah. I’m not sure if the author is pro-feminist, pro-choice, or very religious. And that’s what also makes this story a good read. You can have your own beliefs about any of those subject but don’t let it get in the way of reading this book. I found myself really pissed that Tara’s parents would try to have her committed because she was contemplating an abortion. (She never said she was, they took her journal out of context). Which made me think about the choices women have and who gets to make the choices for us, when it’s our bodies. So far I’d have to rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.


While everyone around me is gearing up for the holidays. It is smart to remember that your characters are individuals. And in order to really highlight that individuality, it makes sense to think about how you will use the non-conformity of the holidays to set up that framework for your characters.
If all your characters celebrate Christmas, think instead about the conflict that can arise if one of them is a Buddhist, Pagan, Wicca, Jewish, etc. You get to show other ways of how the character interacts with other characters and how their religion/holiday choices help inform how they react to each other. It’s a great way to share insight into what the characters thought processes are and it isn’t a fake way to force exchanges.
Happy writing

Naming characters

If you’re like me, sometimes a characters name will come to you easily. It fits like a glove and you know it’s the right name. But what happens when you have a large cast of characters and you don’t want to use a friends name, even if nothing “bad” happens to him/her.
What I do and I’ve never run into a situation where I’m stumped for names any longer is to save obits. I know it sounds kind of morbid at first. But I keep a running list of names from the obit section. I reassign the first and last names of course. But I have an endless supply of names. I do not keep the pictures, because I am deciding what my characters look like.
I know some people use baby books. But this didn’t work for me because it only list first names. With my method you also have last names.
And to take it a step further, I use a birth-date and astrological book to make sure that some character traits are really in line with the birth-date I give a character. Can have a character with a birthday in July become a super talkative Cancer or a character with a June birth-date as a stubbornly introverted Gemini. Those seem like minor things especially if you are writing a character with a specific birthday that is part of the story but the person who has that birthday or studies astrology sees it, they will think you are less than authentic with other parts of your story where you want their trust.
Happy writing.