1285 words

I’m on a roll.

If I pace myself correctly, I’ll have 30k words more or less by month end. That is completely on track with around 90k at the end of March.

I wish I could take a 2 week vacation to just sit and write but the reality of eating and having a nice warm apartment prevent that from happening yet.

And who am I fooling. Even when I do have the luxury of a two-week vacation, in Cancun no less, which was in December, I spent a lot of time (whispering – not writing) but I was researching.

Next month I will contact the person who completed my last book cover and let him know what this story is about to see what concepts he can come up with. I want something sharp, not blurred this time around.

And now I’m rambling.

Happy writing folks

I can't wait to connect with you