1165 words

I am still sick and flu – bed bound.

But I took the time to still write today. I hope by this weekend, my headache and ear ache and stomach ache will be in someone else’s body. Not trying to jinx anyone else but my turn is over. Next.

My lesson then for the day is sick or well, put words on the page and you will have a finished product sooner than you think.

Oh yeah, I have a friend who was an editor in New York who will edit the next book. Not in the Perri Stone series but the one I am working on now. And yes, it sounds pretentious to say I have a “New York Editor” but if it’s true and she has an eye on what works why not speak the truth.

Doesn’t mean she will automatically like it. And besides, she is an ex-editor but the skills are still there. Happy writing and I hope no one is hacking (and I do mean coughing not the other kind) on the computer like I am…ugh.


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