Finding and defining your ‘tribe’

Every time I hear about or see someone talking about their ‘tribe’, I wonder what that is supposed to mean. I am trying to figure out, what does my ‘tribe’ mean or want from me. I’m a writer. So does that mean my ‘tribe’ wants me to produce books, stories or some form of writing on a more productive basis? Does my ‘tribe’ know that I will always advocate for women’s rights but I’ll try not to write in a preachy way? As a writer, my main goal is to write entertaining stories. I’m not a judge or jury to what works or doesn’t work for other people.

There are random folks (total generalization here) who want everyone to be in their tribe. I don’t. I don’t want everybody to like me. Because I don’t believe that. Truth be told, I don’t like everybody either.

I curse. A lot. So I don’t want people in my tribe that get mad because I use profanity. Profanity doesn’t diminish what I’m saying, and in some instances, I don’t want to use the smartest word when a really good f-bomb works so much better. The folks in my tribe understand that if they read my work, there will be some cussing involved.

My tribe.

People that think about other people and want to help and support them. People that care about children. People that allow people to live their own lives. People that realize that unless that adult came from your womb, they have a mother and daddy or somebody that has already raised them. They might ask for your opinion but my people know that their opinion and experience won’t necessarily help that person. Because their worldview has been shaped by different experiences. People get to make their mistakes. My tribe speaks their own truth. And you don’t have to like it. But you listen and understand, it’s not yours.

My tribe knows respect. I’d like to know if you are part of my tribe? If not, what does your tribe look like? Do you know and do you care? I am still defining my tribe and figuring out who wants to be a part of it. As a writer, the goal is to reach an audience. Entertain and give the reader something they can enjoy. Today and tomorrow, I will continue to figure out who my ‘tribe’ is and invite you to think about who you want to keep in yours.

Paperback and ebook available

Hey folks,

Blood Sisters is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. I am happy with the content, and ready to start work on the next book in that series. Dark City, the location of the story has a lot of nooks and crannies where bad, and I hope, good happens. We all know that no one comes out the womb a bad person. What makes a person do the things they do? What will be questioned and answered. Is the big bad, the real big bad? Are there other puppet-masters on top of puppet-masters. We’ll find out together.

Still waiting on book cover

So. The book is done. But I’m waiting on the book cover to be completed. I hope it will be ready by this Friday otherwise, I will start looking for a new cover. I will set up a pre-release for the book because I want to have the second one as close to complete so there will not be a long wait between releases.

My running mantra when I feel stuck or not good enough is that I am writing the best I can, at this point in my life. And every day, as I put words on paper, I get better and stronger. I am proud of this story. I’m looking forward to the tales of “Dark City” it is a place where nooks and crannies hide secrets and a slash of sunlight reveals possibilities. Filth and beauty exist in the same space depending on your outlook.

Book is finished

I’m excited. Working title “Infiltration 1.0” is done. I have completed the revision and edits. Now it’s off to several trusted readers. I’m looking for the perfect cover and then it’s ready to publish on Kindle.

The story: What if you could payback the man who took you captive? Take what he values most. His money. Alicia Powers was 11 when she was taken. Held for seven years. She came out stronger than she went in. And revenge is all she’s thinking about.

I can’t wait for you to read it.

Back in the saddle

I’ve been away from this site for a while. I have still been busy writing just not consistently here. I finished a Virtual Mentor course which I need to update later this year. Set as a goal starting in June.

I was busy with other entrepreneur things. I will be posting bits and pieces from the WIP I have going, feel free to comment, ask questions.

By the end of this month, I’ll have “The Coven” ready to publish. I need to get it to the editor and then find a cover. Excited about that.

So I’m back and looking forward to sharing again.